About Davo Sevens

Welcome to Year 7’s blog !

A blog is short for ‘web log’ and it is a website in which individuals create reflections on topics of personal interest. The purpose of the blog is to keep track of what has happened in class each lesson and to access important websites to help enhance your learning.

This blog will be a space to:
* generate and share ideas
* revise key ideas and topics covered in English class
* access links relevant to the study of English
* comment and reflect on lesson content
* access important information relating to the study of English

This year you will be learning about what English is and why it is such an important subject. You will spend time in class exploring a variety of interesting and challenging concepts. These concepts will be expressed using a number of different textual forms. You will have studied some of these in Primary School, and some will be new to you.

Some of the text forms you will be studying include:
*picture books
*media texts (including newspapers, radio, television, blogs, wikis and websites)
*non-fiction texts

This blog also allows parents or guardians to keep an eye on what is happening in our class and to offer advice, suggestions or assistance that will enhance the learning of all students in our class – maybe even your teachers!

Ms Hewes and Mr Moran 🙂


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